Update 23-Oct-2018

Portuguese version:
- We have added a Portuguese version thanks to an awesome volunteer!

Update 5-Sep-2018

Dropzone only page:
- A dedicated Dropzone/location page has been added to the website!

Update 13-Jul-2018

Season 5 Update:
- Added the new map!
- Added new ATK strats!

Update 30-Jun-2018

- Added the new map!
- Reduced all image sizes and changed most of them to .jpg to increase website performance and speed.
- Added a news bar at the top of the main page, take a look at it!
- Added a loading icon, it was kind of akward when having ~100+ ping.
- Some QOL (Quality of life) improvements.

Update 09-May-2018

- SPANISH LANGUAGE IS LIVE! Credits: Amuka Rellik
- FRENCH LANGUAGE IS LIVE! Credits: Talismak
- Changed months to text (instead of numbers: 05 > May) on the update page.

- We are aware that the current map images are outdated. This will get updated soon!
  This does not include placenames and coordinates, these are already up-to-date!

Update 24-April-2018

- CZECH LANGUAGE IS LIVE! Credits: SG Community
- More langauges will be coming soon! Credits: All the awesome translators
- Completely rewritten the home page. The page doesn't have to load again to load the strats!
- We added an easier way for translators to translate the strats!
- Categories now get translated too!
- We now have an IOS app!

We're sorry if a link broke which you had saved. (We changed some IDs) :(

Quick fix & update 22-February-2018

- Changed 2 lines of text on the main page to change to german when needed
- Fixed the language button on the Strategylist page
- Fixed some other small things (removed unnecessary code)

Update 18-February-2018

- GERMAN LANGUAGE IS LIVE! Credits: Nelly Granson
- Complete rewrite for language options!

Hotfix 29-Januari-2018

- Sorry! Due to an error the page kept reloading, but it's fixed now!
- Sorry! Due to an error mobile pages didn't load strats, but it's fixed now!

Update 29-Januari-2018

- Added a language option for the strats!
- Changed some ad related stuff
- Fixed a small bug where the map wasn't visible when dropzone was turned off

Update 20-Januari-2018

- Added credits to full strategy list
- Added some strats because of the new map!
- Fixed some bugs

We're sorry if a link broke which you had saved. (We changed some IDs) :(

Update 12-Januari-2018

Because of some strategy suggestions from you guys we:
- Improved the way of displaying credits! Credits: You guys :)

Update 05-Januari-2018

- Added ads to the page (To keep the website running)
- Added a favicon to the website (small icon in the tab)

Update 22-December-17

- Added navigator to the header too
- Added donate button in the Footer
- Added translation request on the main and about page
- Added another 'show map' button next to your dropzone
- Added an explanation for the category filters on the main page
- Updated footer & header to include updates page

Update 19-December-17

- Added Header text in index.php
- Added about page
- Changed map pictures from .png to .jpg
- Updated footer to include about page
- Fixed mail send confirmation
- Fixed delay on Roll button to work on pc too